Infrastructure Services


Today’s volatile business world, all business face significant challenges in scaling and

managing their global IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, Newk Solutions offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure comprising lifecycle services in datacenter management, desktop management, database administration, and web operations. Newk Solutions domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies within an organization’s enterprise IT infrastructure.

Enterprises can achieve cost efficiencies and accelerated time-to-delivery by leveraging Newk Solutions robust global delivery model, proven methodologies, standardized tools and mature processes for enterprise infrastructure management services (IMS). Newk Solutions offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas and leverages its proven IT infrastructure assessment tool and methodologies to design solutions that are closely aligned to the client’s business strategy.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services guarantees high reliability, round-the-clock availability, remote manageability, and optimum scalability. Our domain expertise spans diverse set of systems and technologies. Clients can leverage Newk Solutions offshore service delivery centers to avail proactive and cost-effective solutions and gain quick return on IT infrastructure investments.

What is meant by IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure may be defined as a combination of software, hardware, network services and resources that are required to operate and manage the IT environment of an enterprise.  It is usually an internal aspect of an organization and enables it to deliver IT services and solutions to its customers, partners and employees in a smooth, hassle-free manner.

Following are 3 primary components of IT infrastructure


Hardware comprises the physical components of an IT infrastructure such as personal computers, data centers, switches, servers, routers and all the other equipment required to support the functioning of devices and machines within the IT infrastructure. Facilities that are used to house, power and cool a data center may also be considered a part of the IT infrastructure.


Software refers to all applications used by a business for both delivering services to customers and internal functioning. It includes web servers, the operating system (OS), content management systems, enterprise resource planning, productivity applications and more. The OS is the most critical piece of software that manages the hardware and connects the physical resources to the network ecosystem.


Interconnected network components are imperative for establishing external and internal communication among all the devices and elements of an IT infrastructure. In other words, the network comprises all software and hardware elements required to enable security, internet connectivity, network enablement and firewall. It significantly reduces the risk of data theft by ensuring that the authorized personnel gets access to transferred and stored data only from strictly controlled pre-defined access points.

End -to-end Solution

Our Expertise

Newk Solutions offers competencies across multiple technology platforms, software products, and management tools with a strong focus on providing secure and scalable solutions. We provide end-to-end services and solutions designed to reduce TCO and quicken ROI. New Solutions has adopted an ITIL- based service delivery model to ensure increased availability and system efficiency.

Functional Expertise

Newk Solutions leverages its technical expertise and global delivery model to offer IT infrastructure solution and support services to various industry segments including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, media, utilities, distribution, etc. Newk Solutions functional expertise extends across all facets of IT Infrastructure Management Services. This enables us to deliver industry-focused solutions that can be tailored to our client’s business needs.

Technology Expertise

Newk Solutions expertise spans the diverse set of systems and technologies that comprise today’s enterprise IT infrastructure. We offer infrastructure solutions and services for designing, building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure including data centers, databases, desktops and the Web. We provide consulting, design, implementation and ITIL V3 complaint managed services to ensure peak system performance. Through an initial infrastructure assessment, Newk Solutions identifies potential gaps in the client’s existing infrastructure, environment support, avenues for upgrade/migration, and opportunities to standardize infrastructure, restructure and balance resource loads to improve overall performance.

Data Center Operations

Once considered the showcase of IT, datacenters are now perceived as operational boat anchors considered a purgatory by IT professionals and a CAPEX money pit by the CFO and finance.  The recent economic downturn and ensuing recession are to blame for this. In an effort to cut costs anywhere, executive management eventually turned their sights to IT and the glass house and told the CIO to find a more cost-effective approach to support the business. In this regard, outsourcing has been a logical alternative. Newk Solutions offers traditional professional services such as those depicted along with mature processes and methodologies that leverage its global delivery model to both drive down support costs for its customers while delivering against SLAs.

Today, we deliver these services in the context of a consulting engagement which take clients through an assessment exercise designed to align IT operations with business requirements that results is a more holistic view of IT resources. These are then further optimized using state of the art transformation approaches such as cloud computing, virtualization, legacy modernization and master data management which delivers resources on demand at significantly lower costs – which for some customers can reach as high as 75% depending on the size of their data center and assets involved.

Server Management
  • Server monitoring and reporting – covers all operational parameters done onsite or remotely with tools that provide utilization, performance  and availability reports.

  • Administration and troubleshooting of servers/ services – includes all aspects of relevant ITIL processes

  • Install/ upgrade/ patching of servers – covering a broad range of operating systems includes full system backup after an initial installation

  • Server security & hardening – highly customized capabilities, updated as threats evolve to ensure that critical resources have up-to-date patches and are able to defend against known vulnerabilities

  • Backup, recovery and job scheduling – this includes full, incremental or cumulative approaches covering clients, servers and storage units

Network Management

Network Monitoring and Reporting Goes beyond 24×7 monitoring to include proactive problem identification and resolution of an enterprise IT environment, historical trend information and up-to-date performance snapshots

Administration and troubleshooting of devices & services Automated procedures and analytics identify and fix potential problems before performance is affected. Configuration and backup Managementincluding service restoration, image maintenance and rollbacks Install / upgrade and patching of devicesincluding service restoration, image maintenance and rollbacks

Storage Management

All listed capabilities support a range of deployment models including RAID, SAN, Virtualization and cloud Storage monitoring and reporting – covers all operational parameters done onsite or remotely with tools that provide utilization, performance and availability of all storage resources. Administration and troubleshooting – include automated operations and analytics based on thresholds and triggered events Install/ upgrade/ patching including all associated administrative services such as adds, moves and changes Security & hardening covers the removal of vulnerable and unnecessary services, patching security holes, and securing access controls. Configuration and backup management including cloud based and deduplication approaches

Infrastructure Application Management
  • Application monitoring and reporting – supporting all operational parameters including usage, throughput and availability

  • Administration and troubleshooting – include automated operations and analytics based on thresholds and triggered events that can offline, initialize and restart an application without operator intervention

  • Install/ upgrade/ patching – including version management and remote distribution

  • Security & hardening – covers the removal of vulnerable and unnecessary services, patching security holes, and securing access controls

  • Configuration and backup management – includes activities such as the creation and management of separate instances to reduce application downtime

Database Administration

Arguably, the most important aspect of IT operations – and the one that is the most complex – is database operations and a supporting master data management architecture. The lack of a well thought out architecture can lead to inaccurate record keeping effecting customer satisfaction – and if not addressed – lost business. With cloud technologies gaining acceptance as a preferred deployment model, the need for well thought out data architectures that takes into consideration distributed resources, industry specific compliance and security requirements becomes even more crucial and problematic

Our offerings can assist corporations in designing and implementing solutions that will enable them to take advantage of the latest technologies while ensuring consistency. Our frameworks are designed to integrate disparate data sources creating data warehouses that have consistent, accurate and up-to-date information. This approach enables the use of value-added services from Newk Solutions such as analytics and business intelligence for forecasting, modeling and growth

Production Services– monitoring mission critical databases, and standardizing business rules and procedures across the organization and implementing industry best practices.

Application Services
  • Database design – consulting services for creating architectures that integrate disparate application structures providing consistency for accurate data capture and reporting.
  • Database refreshes – full support for all proscribed procedures from leading database providers such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and DB2 UDB
  • Security and audits – Cover the design, implementation and monitoring secure infrastructures to initiating pre-defined responses to cybercrime incidents.
  • Deployment and administration – global rollout services via a wide range of methods including public and hybrid cloud
  • Query tuning and performancemodels the expected usage of a system by simulating multiple users accessing the system concurrently. Offering covers databases related, application servers related, user interfaces related
  • Consulting – Full suite of assessment and design services covering all aspects of database rollouts, implementations, integration and sustaining activities from both an IT and business process perspective