Media & Entertainment


Media, Information & Entertainment (MI&E) industry is experiencing a rapid shift into digital content and multi-channel distribution models, as a result of technological advances and convergence of telecom, online, interactive media, & internet. MI&E businesses want to augment content value and provide superior services at a faster speed and lower cost. Newk Solutions are uniquely positioned to enable MI&E organizations address these changing imperatives, meet business challenges with a range of innovative services and realize an enhanced return-on-content investment.

Newk Solutions partners with media and entertainment companies to achieve strategic imperatives that will drive their future success, enabling them to serve the global marketplace, focus on understanding and serving customers while strengthening the ability of their brands to draw audience attention and maintain loyalty, establish new paradigms for content creation, embracing user-created and regional content and ensure infrastructure to support tomorrow’s operations.

We provide end-to-end content value chain    Solutions and services for the media industry. We combine our knowledge of the publishing industry with our strengths in technology and building IT systems that provide a digital publishing platform, a complete solution framework that covers the entire digital publishing value chain.

Newk Solutions Provides:

  • Expert business analysis services to produce information architectures and Business Process Visualization to align process and functional requirements.
  • Leveraging latest technologies, industry-standard processes, innovative tools and frameworks to power MI&E firm’s business models for business transformation.
  • Ensuring efficient utilization of digital assets across the organization using Digital Asset Management to manage content across multiple projects and multiple users.
  • Protecting enterprise and personal data using our expertise in digital asset and rights management, resulting in optimum information protection.
  • Rationalizing back-office systems and content sources to leverage existing assets and processes and maximize returns.