Software Quality Assurance, Testing & Validation


The face of testing has changed in the last decade. With the need for more robust and reliable software, testing has become a vital part of the SDLC and a specialized function in itself. Today, testing is viewed as a strategic enabler that drives customer satisfaction.

We provide a comprehensive set of testing Solutions to help you achieve improved software quality levels. Newk Solutions has a well-equipped testing infrastructure, highly skilled resources and proven testing methodologies which ensure that testing is integrated with the software development life cycle.

Newk Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of testing Solutions for both enterprise IT and product engineering organizations. Our offerings include test   Consulting, QA organization assessment, functional testing, test automation, and specialized testing services, such as performance testing, security testing, and globalization testing. Newk Solutions has extensive experience in testing enterprise and technology applications/ products in a range of industries and across diversified technologies; with unmatched expertise in the areas of end-to-end Testing Engagement, Functional and Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Audit Testing, Load and Stress Testing and Usability Testing.

Software Quality Assurance Plan

Abbreviated as SQAP, the software quality assurance plan comprises the procedures, techniques, and tools that are employed to make sure that a product or service aligns with the requirements defined in the SRS(software requirement specification).

The plan identifies the SQA responsibilities of a team, and lists the areas that need to be reviewed and audited. It also identifies the SQA work products.

The SQA plan document consists of the below sections:
  1. Purpose section
  2. Reference section
  3. Software configuration management section
  4. Problem reporting and corrective action section
  5. Tools, technologies, and methodologies section
  6. Code control section
  7. Records: Collection, maintenance, and retention section
  8. Testing methodology


Newk Solutions combines experience, expertise and cost-effective proven solutions to meet demanding testing & Validation requirements, helping to ensure faster delivery of quality software that offers increased stability and higher performance. We can take up complete responsibility of your testing requirements as we offer specialized services in the following but not limited to:

Performance Testing

The Newk Solutions Steam focuses on analysis, monitoring, identifying bottlenecks and proving recommendations, thus providing an end-to-end performance solution for the complete application. We have experience in performance engineering tools from vendors like Mercury, Rational, Compuware, Segue, Open-Source Tools, etc

Why Performance Testing is crucial for your business?

Some useful statistics

Undoubtedly, the rise in consumer expectations for seamless app and website services is directly proportional to the consumer trust. Relying on the statistics, almost half of the internet users expect a website to completely load in not more than 2 seconds. There are 30% of the audiences expecting a website to load in just 1 second while 18% of the audiences think a website should load immediately. If in case a particular URL fails to load, more than 50% users switch to another URL to finish their task. More than 22% users will never return to a URL once an error occurs on it. Furthermore, there are more than 75% of the tablet or mobile phone users who will never use the app or a website if they ever find it slow, buggy, or tend to crashing.

And this calls for Performance Testing! What is it?

Any crashes or bugs on your website can cause major revenue losses to the company as well customer reliability. Every app call for the appropriate measures the developers and maintenance team should incorporate. It is essential to minimize the probability of failures in major visitor spike scenarios. Performance testing is, beyond a doubt, imperative to avoid the occurrence of any bugs causing adverse impacts on revenue and customer retention.
Performance testing focuses on assessing the components’ performance in a particular system setting, given a specific scenario. The testing arena will cover –

1. Capacity Testing– It is done simultaneously with capacity planning to ensure the number of transactions and/or visitors will be able to complete their task on a system. The system still meets its performance target. Capacity testing will ensure that the scope of growth in the future is a continuous process.

2. Stress Testing – It is a process that testers perform on their computer, network, device or even a program. It checks for the ability of completing their task, fetching the expected results even in hampering conditions. It may include testing for any system crashes or

Frayed rope near to break on gray background. Selective focus

3. Load Testing – It is associated with introducing the load to the software in order to study its behavior and efficiency. It is related to assessing the difference when the system is subjected to higher-than-normal load

4. Volume Testing – Is associated with testing particular software by introducing certain data amount to it and then assessing its performance.

5. Spike Testing – It is a kind of load testing that ensures the stability of a system when there is a sudden spike in the number of users. It also tests the stability when the varying loads are subjected to the system

6. Endurance Testing – You can also call it as Soak testing which involves introducing the load (more than normal) for an extended time frame. It is essential to comprehend the system behavior and necessitating the measures to avoid any issues arising during the sustained use


7.Reliability Testing – Given a specified environmental condition, software should repeatedly fetch same results for a defined period. It is essential to double check the system reliability.

8. Scalability Testing – It is the testing done to study the system’s behavior when there is a significant change in the volume of the load introduced to it. It tests whether the system is able to meet the demand or not.

Data Warehousing Testing
Newk Solutionsprovides business level test Solutions in the areas of data warehousing, integration and conversion/ migration. The services extend to Data Validation, Data Migration Testing and Test Data Management.

SOA Testing
The need to integrate environments as well as dynamically change workflows based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model makes “system tests” challenging. Newk Solutions has established SOA Testing expertise & offer end-to-end business flow testing for both functional and non-functional requirements in SOA deployment especially in Test Security, Test Interoperability on various platforms, Performance Testing and Optimization.

User Acceptance Testing
This includes testing the application based on the business requirement specifications. works with the end-user community to ensure that the application is tested against the stated business/functional objectives.

Test Process Outsourcing
Newk Solutions offers Test Process Outsourcing services by supporting the client’s current testing needs, specializing in their future technology stack and providing uninterrupted SLA-based service. The service covers software quality assurance activities across the life cycle.

Test Process Consultancy
We utilize our expertise with industry standard models such as CMMI, TPI and Six Sigma to support your process improvement programs. Our team brings in key focused Solutions for high availability, scalability, and ability to quickly recover from disasters to keep the systems and applications operational.

Mainframe Testing
Newk Solutions focus on building solution frameworks leveraging MF Technologies, QA processes and business domains.

Test Management
Our services include full lifecycle testing support, beta testing, quality assurance process setup and staff augmentation services.